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The most successful telecom brand of the year 2016 Jio is ready to launch it Most awaited Indigenous made JioPhone[4GVoLTE] Rs1500. Yeah, it is right the cost of this smart phone is Rs1500 only that why it is very popular with the name JioPhone 1500.

The countdown for jio 4G Phone is already started after a few hours from now at 5:30 Pm of 24th August the Jio 4G mobile booking will start So are you ready to book the world cheapest 4G mobile phone the Jio 4G mobile. As we all know that initially at the time of booking we need to pay Rs 1500 which is refundable after 3 years.

In the Annual General Meeting of RIL Mr Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of RIL officially made the announcement about jio4GPhone{JioPhone 1500}. The Jio 4gPhone is the cheapest  4G VoLTE Phone of the phon Free online registration

The most important thing about this jio4Gphoone RS1500 is it Specifications and Features of Jio4GPhone are amazing you cannot expect this much features in a Jio1500Phone. The one more interesting thing about this jio4Gphone (Rs 1500).

The most important thing which I would like to tell here that  Actually the JIO4GPhone is Free. Yeah!!!!! ………….

This is because the Rs 1500 is not the price of phone it is a Security money for jio4Gphone.This amount is refundable after three years.Actually, Jio was planning to Launch JioRs1500Phone (Jio4Gphone) without any security money but its result into the miss use of Jio1500Phone.

Register[Rs1500] Jio4Gphone

As per the announcement of Mr.Ambani in RIL Annual General Meeting For buying a Jio4Gmobile{Rs1500} First of all customer needs to do a Pre-booking or Registration {Rs1500}jio4GPhone from MyJio App or you can also from the direct link provided at www.Jio4GPhone.Com. By Registering the JioRs1500 Phone @ WWW.Jio4GMobile.Com you will get a Registration Number which will be used for [Track]Jio Phone Pre-Booking Status And Delivery Online

The Jio4Mobile Registration or Jip4GPhone Pre-Booking starts from 24th August.Every Buyer who wants to Buy Jio4Gmobile(Rs1500Mobile) first of all he or she had to do JioPhone pre booking.As we all know that the demand of this jio4Gmobile free is very high like the last year Jio SIM. This is why it will be a little bit tough to Pre-Book Jio4g mobile. But You do not need to worry here I have a {Tricks } How To Do Confirm Jio Phone Pre BookingBy Following this 100% tricks for Jio4GPhone Pre-Booking you will definitely book your Jio4Gmobile(Rs1500).

Delivery Date of Jio4GMobile(Rs1500) Check online

As I had already mentioned above the pre-booking of Jio4Gmobile will start from the 24th of August now you are thinking about the delivery date of jio4G mobile. So here is the delivery date of Jio4gPhone. As per the word of Mr.Mukesh Ambani the delivery of jio4gphone will start from the mid of September 2017.

To full fill, the requirement of jio4gMoblie Jio is manufacturing one million handsets every week so that it can be supplied to all customers at the time.You can track your will update here link soon.

This is all about registering Jio4hmobile{Rs1500}online. For any related queries related to jio4gmobile write in the comment box given below and keep the regular visit to this site for more Jio4gphone related updates.We daily update here all information issued by the Jio officers and latest new and updates regarding jio4gmobile.

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