Since the announcement of JioPhone, every body is eagerly waiting for this cheapest SmartPhone of India.Like last year launched Jio SIM this JioPhone is also in huge demand.For buying a Jiophone first of all we need to make a Pre booking for jioPhone and JioPhone Pre-booking Status can be checked online.The Jio Phone Pre-Booking will start on 24Th August and phone delivery will start in the mid of September.

The JioPhone pre-booking can be done either online or offline.As the demand of this upcoming JioPhone is very high and every body wants to book the phone. By Confirm jioPhone Pre-Booking tricks you can easily book a jiophone.JioPhone Pre-Booking status

Track JioPhone Pre -Booking Status 

You can Pre -Book JioPhone online just by login into your Myjio App there you will find an option for Jiophone Pre-Booking and by filling all details submit the form and you will get a Tracking code of your JioPhone .In a case of  Offline jioPhone pre-booking, you have to visit your nearest Jio Store and fill a form. It will take a minimum of one month time in Jio4Gmobile delivery after successful Pre-Booking of JioPhone.

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As I had already mentioned above either you Pre-Book JioPhone online or offline at the end of Successful Pre-Booking you will get a JioPhone Tracking code/Jiophone Unique ID number/JioPhone reference number and with the help of this number you can track your JioPhone Pre-Booking status and JioPhone delivery date

How To Know JioPhone Delivery Date And Current Status

At the time of Pre-Booking of JioPhone, you will get a reference number keep this number safe because in all the process this reference number is used until you get your Jiohone.And the most important thing by this number only you can check JioPhone Delivery date and current status.

[Trick] How To Buy Jio Phone Online (100% Booking Trick)

For knowing the expected delivery date of your Jiophone or JioPhone Pre-Booking status what you need to do is login in your Myjio app tap on JioPhone Pre-Booking and there you will get an option to know your JioPhone Pre-Booking status such as your order is shipped or not. Fill your Reference Id which you get after the successful Pre-Booking of JioPhone and click on get status to see the  JioPhone Pre-Booking status and jiophone delivery date.

JioPhone Pre-Booking Official Link @

The Jiophone Pre-booking will start from 24th August.You can pre-book a Jio phone from your Myjio app or from the official website of Jio www.Jio.Com.During registration process fill all the required details and information carefully and try to keep a print out of your Successful Pre-booking slip for the further use.

For the more latest update regarding JioPhone Pre-Booking, JioPhone specifications ,Jio TV cable stays tuned with us and keep the regular visit to this site.If you have any Quires related to jiophone feel free to ask in the comment box below.


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  1. I can registered jio phone in jio site. but I don’t get any voucher details and store details. my payment was successfully paid to jio booking. plz help me sir , what can I do


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